My Food Story


Everybody has their own food story.

Mine begins in the 1950s in a regional area of New South Wales. Our family had a meat-heavy diet, fried foods, full-cream milk, white bread, butter, garden-grown vegetables, fruit, biscuits, cheese, desserts, fish and chips on Fridays, confectionery on Saturdays, and on Sundays a family roast with all the trimmings.

My food choices are radically different today.

I am sometimes asked what ‘diet’ I am on or following, as if there is only one eating pattern or one set of advice rules that would determine what I ate. For me, it is much more complicated than that. Over the years, my food choices have been influenced by critical events, health scares, nutrition education, family lifestyle, social trends, food-marketing, and dietary guidelines. Which of those have got me to where I am today?

I will explore this question and link to posts about my food story over four themes –
My food history: From early childhood until 2013.
Food.4.HEALTH: October 2013 to December 2016.
My food choices: My current food and lifestyle choices.
Food evidence: Critical readings.

My Food History: Significant events triggering changes to my food choices

My food history # 1 – Late 1950s, early 1960s. My childhood diet.
My food history # 2 – Mid 1960s. Primary school. First nutrition lessons.
My food history # 3 – Late 1960s. Teens. Times are a-changing.
My food history # 4 – Critical moments – my father. Radical change.
My food history # 5Young adult. Fit and free 1970s. My concept of a healthy diet develops.
My food history # 6 – Critical moments – a health scare for me. Radical change.    
My food history # 7 – Critical moments – food sensitivities. Radical change.
My food history # 8 – Late 1980s. The cry of Motherhood.
My food history # 9 – Early 1990s. Nutrition course 1991.   
My food history # 10 – Mid to Late 1990s. Milestones. Mixed messages.
My food history # 11 – From 1998 to 2013 – critical events and life catastrophes.
My food history # 12 – Critical moments – October 2013. Radical change.