Questions I have or claims made that do not make sense.

On this page I will list questions I have had after reading or hearing opinion pieces where evidence is not given or is unclear.
I will cross them off as I explore these issues and link to my own research investigations qnd, in some cases, my own dietary experimentation. The opinion piece or study that triggered my query is given in brackets with the key below these questions.

* Was the evidence behind the diet-heart hypothesis flawed? (1)
* What is the six country graph Ancel Keys presented when Keys’ landmark study was the seven countries study? (1)
* What is the evidence we should lower saturated fat in the diet? (1)
* Is there any evidence saturated fats are innocent in regard to heart disease? (1)
* Is there any evidence sugar is a cause or contributor to heart disease? (1)
* What is the evidence oats are beneficial for prevention of heart disease? (1)
* Is there evidence for any detrimental effect of basing the diet on cereals and other high carbohydrate foods? (1)
* Is margarine harmful? (1)
* Are there trans fats in Australian foods and, if so, where are they found? (1)
* Is there a problem with vegetable oils? (1)
* How does the Australian Healthy Eating pyramid differ from other healthy eating pyramids? (1)
* Is cholesterol in the blood a marker of concern? (1)
* Do people have a pre-set cholesterol level that you cannot change with diet? (1)
* Have the food companies influenced the dietary guidelines? (1)
* Are there any suitable alternative diet to our dietary guidelines? (1)
* What “mess” are we supposedly in? (1)
* Is fried or fatty foods healthy? (1)

Questions I have researched

Can cholesterol levels be changed with diet?

Opinion pieces that triggered my questions:

1. Catalyst: The Heart of the Matter. Part 1. Dietary Villains. ABC.TV. 24 October 2013. Due to a number of complaints and a full internal investigation, this program was removed from the ABC website in May 2014.