Sowing the seeds for growth in 2020



The year 2019 was a defining year for me, a year of growth …

After some major set-backs earlier in the decade I reinvented myself from 2014 onwards including returning to University and completing a Masters in Human Nutrition through Deakin University in October of last year, 2019. The course included a research component of four units. My research topic was Ultra-processed food and health outcomes. I also researched the Health Star Ratings, a nutrient-profiling system introduced in Australia in 2014. I am currently writing some papers form my research which is taking all my time and focus. After all that is finished I am planning to focus more on this blog to provide educational content.

I am conflicted as to which direction I want my blog to take. Yes, I want it to be science-based and provide accurate evidence-based information. Yes, I would like to dispel some inaccurate mis-information that abounds within the lay-press currently. However, whether it will be strictly academic or incorporate my personal view, I am yet to decide.

One thing that this course has taught me is that science is evolving and nothing is set in stone as factual without controversy. The more I have learned, the more I know there is yet to know. The more expert I become in an area, the more I realise how in-expert I really am. However, at the same time, I have come to understand that there are so many unanswered questions, of how things pan out for an individual.

Taking my own example, I suffered significant trauma throughout the period 1998-2016. In the worst period I put on significant weight, ten kilograms in two years (2009-1011) and 18 kilograms in total over an 18 year period of trauma.  I managed to turn that around in 2015. However, my experience as a nutritionist (I had a graduate diploma in Nutrition from 1991), my knowledge, my determination and resolve was not enough to fight against the trauma effects. From everything I have learned in my nutrition studies, there is not much advice on having to first go through a recovery-from-trauma process before you can apply the nutrition knowledge to achieve better health. Discussions on ‘behaviour’ or ‘foods’ or ‘nutrients’ is useless without applying that to an individual’s personal situation.

So this is the other direction I would like my blog to go – application to an individual’s situation.

Aside from that, and even presuming individuals are humming along happy and healthy in good personal, financial and social situations; there are still unanswered questions especially in regards to the current food environment we have today. I aim to explore these questions on my blog and, like a gardener, intend to grow my knowledge and impart that knowledge to others. My fields of interest are prevention of non-communicable diseases especially heart disease, type-2 diabetes and some cancers; food sensitivities; surviving the current food environment of excess food availability and constant social pressure to indulge with food; and extending one’s health-span, not simply one’s lifespan.

That is my aim as I enter a decade of personal growth … it is never too late to be where you want to be.



Leonie Elizabeth
03 January 2020


Image courtesy[digitalart]




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