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There is much confusion today about diets, what we should eat, and what we should avoid. Food 4 Health explores this current confusion to try and find answers to some basic questions regarding the role of food in health and wellness. A crucial aspect is why people make the food choices they do and how these choices are influenced by their own situation and their own food environments within families and society. Influences may include health issues, food sensitivities, food trends, food availability, life situations, dietary guidelines, dietary and medical advice, diet information in the press, nutrition knowledge, taste, food preferences and social pressures. Food 4 Health will provide a critical evaluation of the scientific and lay-person literature surrounding food environments and food choices leading to the confused messages.

Much of the current confusion has arisen because, over the past fifty years, advice has centred on nutrients. In Food 4 Health the discussion will return to food. An additional complexity is our food supplies have moved away from whole-foods to an industrialized food supply. Food 4 Health provides information on what is in the food we eat, the essentials of a basic diet to provide adequate nutrition across life stages, and the benefits of returning to whole-food and away from ultra-processed foods. Food 4 Health examines the evidence behind food and health outcomes of risk factors, chronic non-communicable diseases (heart disease, type-2 diabetes and obesity) and health conditions such as depression and frailty. Finally Food 4 Health provides information of individualised nutrition when on a restricted diet for food sensitivities.

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