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Greetings to all my readers. I wish you all a safe and healthy holiday season. I have been drafting some blog posts under these planned themes for 2019:

1) Food 4 Health: back to basics of food for nourishment;

2) Food 4 Environments: the influence of culture, traditions, social-network, food history, guidelines, marketing, food production and economics on our food choices;

3) Food 4 Life: food for vitality and prevention of non-communicable diseases;

4) Food 4 Freedom: explores the wellness factor, food sensitivities, and fear of foods.

I will also continue with my own food history onward to the present day.

I look forward to you joining me throughout the year.


Leonie Elizabeth



About Food 4 Health


Much confusion exists today about what we should eat and what we should avoid, with mixed messages about the rise of global health concerns, linked to diets.

I believe that much of the confusion exists as advice over the past fifty years has centred on nutrients to avoid: sugar, oil, fat and salt.

People do not eat nutrients. They eat food.

Food 4 Health will return the discussion to food.
Food 4 Health will explore six broad themes:

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