In the striving towards Food 4 Health the focus should be on foods within the complete diet. While nutrients are important, balanced nutrition can be obtained from whole-foods within a healthy eating pattern. However, it is difficult to function at your best if you have a chronic illness; are anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed about any aspect of your food choices; or are anxious about whether food may play a role in any symptom you may have. It would be fantastic if you could experience a sense of freedom from those things. In this section I explore Food Sensitivities and their effect on Food 4 Health, and the importance of determining whether food does or does not play a role in certain illnesses so that as an individual you may either experience freedom from your symptoms (if it does) or the freedom to relax in the knowledge that food plays no part (if it doesn’t). This section will encompass food sensitivities (including allergies and intolerances), perceived food reactions, food avoidance, nutrition on restricted diets, the role of a healthy diet during tough times, being relaxed about food, and not seeing certain foods as good or bad.