Professional Experience

I have degrees in pharmacy and nutrition. I have experience in community pharmacy, nutrition consulting, nutrition research, dental practice and business management, and book-editing. I have interests and experience in the following:


• Nutrition for different ages and stages: infants, preschool, school-age, elderly
• What is in food: nutrients, non-nutrients, ingredients, food fractions, food additives
• NOVA food classification: whole-foods, ingredients, processed food, ultra-processed food
• Prevention of non-communicable diseases heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity.
• Food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances to salicylates, amines, glutamates, and additives
• Low FODMAP considerations
• Safe and nutritious food substitutions
• Asthma and food sensitivities
• Childhood food sensitivities
• Childhood ADHD and diet, learning problems
• Nutritional considerations of restricted diets

Medications and Supplements

• Adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, drug additive reactions
• Adverse reactions to non-drug components of medications
• Appropriate / non-appropriate drug treatment
• Adverse effects on over the counter and nutrient supplements
• Medications free of preservatives, colours and other reactive excipients
• Nutrient supplements when required

Research Conducted:

• Asthma in food sensitivities (community survey)
• Childhood food sensitivities (extensive literature review)
• Childhood ADHD and diet; asthma and diet (extensive literature review)
• Ultra-processed foods and health outcome: A Narrative Review (published research)
• Five year review of Australia’s Health Star Rating (published research)

Research Interests

• What is in food
• Food processing
• Food systems
• Food environments
• Dietary Guidelines
• Food for the individual
• Nutrients versus foods versus dietary patterns
• Public Health Nutrition advocacy

Business experience

Business management
Staff management
Business contracts
Financial management
Budget expertise
Procedure and policies manual

Editing experience

Business documents
Business correspondence
Procedures manual
History book
Student assignments
Journal articles