About Food 4 Health


Much confusion exists today about what we should eat and what we should avoid, with mixed messages about the rise of global health concerns, linked to diets.

I believe that much of the confusion exists as advice over the past fifty years has centred on nutrients to avoid: sugar, oil, fat and salt.

People do not eat nutrients. They eat food.

Food 4 Health will return the discussion to food.
Food 4 Health will explore six broad themes:

Food – what is it?
Food 4 Sustenance
Food 4 Environments
Food 4 Life
Food 4 Function
Food research

Food – what is it? will explore exactly what food is.

Food 4 Sustenance will explore basic food biochemistry and the functions in the body.

Food 4 Environments will explore two themes. The first on how our changing food environments has exerted a subtle influence over our food choices. The second on how our food choices influence the environment.

Food 4 Life will explore whether food has a role in prevention or delay of non-communicable diseases; and by focussing on our food and lifestyle choices whether we may add years to our life and life to our years.

Food 4 Function will focus on food allergies and sensitivities, chronic illnesses and eating disorders.

Food research looks for evidence in the scientific-literature to support the discussions.

Knowledge provides courage. Courage provides strength. Strength is empowering.

With empowerment you can take back self-responsibility in areas where it counts and control your own food choices for a more contented life.

As part of the exploration, I will critically evaluate my own food history and the influence my own food environments have had on my food choices.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of exploration.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or wish to add to the discussion.
Disclaimer: Nothing on this website should be taken as medical or dietary advice. Anyone reading any information provided within should seek advice from their own medical practitioner for any issue, disease, illness or health-related problem they may have.
Image by author, Leonie Elizabeth (c) Copyright 2017

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